The Mojo MOO Lettering presets are for those brave souls who sneer at font files and do it all by hand.

Go back and get the bundle. It’s for use with the Krita art app exclusively.

Dialogue lettering

The dialogue lettering pens are fairly straightforward, simply angled strokes. You will need to practice and acquire a letterer’s discipline. We suggest using Krita’s native grid for a lettering guide (as we describe in more detail on the templates page).

Average/Bold/Giant (color coded and grouped together) try to emulate a common comic book style. The difference between the thick and thin strokes are not too exaggerated, and please note this difference in Bold and Giant becomes even more subdued. These are not simply three identical pens resized.

Switch between Average and Bold for ordinary dialogue. You can use Krita’s built-in grid for a lettering guide, as shown above.

The angle and width difference is more pronounced in Angle/Amble/Aerial for a more decorative style of lettering.

Woodstock tries to be a fountain pen, in tribute to one of our greatest cartoonists of all time.

Fancy lettering

The difficulty level of these various presets varies wildly. You will want to do a lot of testing and experimentation, and I won’t be able to provide details for everything. The block lettering Trip and Trope may be the most frustrating, as the block line follows your drawing angle, and may crash at either end if not executed perfectly. Zap by contrast uses a trick to attain a block-like look without the danger, and so you may find that one useful for ordinary sound effects.

Some, like Melvin and Yes, have deliberate angles, similar to the dialogue pens. Wild is a hybrid; it has an angle, but can also be manipulated with pressure.

The Sinister line can be a little demanding, as the width automatically decreases as it flows. For this reason, avoid long lines and divide the character into strategic parts. For instance, the letter O should not be done in one stroke, but two.

Find similar mid-points in other characters.

In other cases, you may also need to adjust the size of the pen. This R begins with the pen set to the default size (a large 100 px line) then stopped down to 80 px for the dangly bit.

Never forget, hand lettering is an art unto itself!