Mojo MOO bundles

Mojo MOO is Mojo TWO! Download freely.

Mojo MOO Draw

Pre-production and post-production tools, including pencils and erasers and some indispensable optical processes. A few office supplies as a bonus.


Last updated 2021-04-13

Mojo MOO Ink

Tons of inking options, including brushes, bamboo, pens, ink stamps and a range of tone applicators.


Last updated 2021-04-16

Mojo MOO Lettering

Throw those font files away and hand-letter your digital comics like a boss!


Last updated 2021-04-13

Click on the thumbnail art for more information, and the BUNDLE links for the files. Please retire any and all old Mojo sets. Please follow @_mojomoo on Twitter for updates, or contact me at if there’s a problem.

These are bundles of paint presets (brushes and other tools) for the art app Krita, which you can download here. Krita’s bundles are specially formatted ZIP files that can be accessed through Krita’s built-in resource manager, so just get the bundles and point Krita at them.

These tools are intended for high-resolution work, optimized for use with the 600 dpi comic page template. If working at a smaller resolution, you may have to manually stop down the brush sizes.

The brushes and templates are free to use. Please donate to the Krita project at their website, to help development. Krita, by the way, is in no way connected with me or responsible for any of my content.


  1. What license are all of these resources under?

  2. I’m probably missing something, but the ink brushes are pixelated at 300dpi on 11×17. Are they supposed to be? Krita’s basic-5 seems really smooth in comparison.

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