Brush bundles, templates and ideas for the Krita art app.

  • Mojo MOO bundles
    Mojo MOO is Mojo TWO! Download freely. Use with the Krita art app, please retire all old Mojo sets.
    • Mojo MOO Draw for Krita
      Pre-production and post-production tools, including pencils and erasers and some indispensable optical processes. A few office supplies as a bonus.
    • Mojo MOO Ink for Krita
      The Mojo MOO Ink presets provide a fantastic range of inking options. Krita only!
    • Mojo MOO Lettering for Krita
      The Mojo MOO Lettering presets are for those brave souls who sneer at font files and do it all by hand. Krita only!
  • Mojo MOO template for comics
    Just another template for making comic books? I think not! This template designed especially for the art app Krita offers more than a diagram.

Old Mojo

You can find all these old Mojo files on deviantArt, but please use the resource manager in Krita and replace them with the new stuff.

Some brushes have been improved, there have been some name changes, and everything has a new tag. Some bundles have been combined in order to reduce the number of bundles to keep up with.

Please follow @_mojomoo on Twitter for updates and info.